Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pacquiao vs Marquez III - Free Live Stream

Free Pacquiao vs Marquez III - Live Stream

You can watch free Pacquiao-Marquez III fight online by clicking on that link, It will be live on Saturday, November 12 (USA Time). So comeback here tomorrow morning to watch the match! Pls like this post and share it to your friends! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

iTyphoon for Apple & Android devices - Philippine Typhoon Tracker App

iTyphoon is a Typhoon Tracker app that was developed by Neuva Caceres Technology Solutions, a local developer based in Naga City. iTyphoon is specially made to all Filipinos around the globe to get a reliable and FREE typhoon updates.

iTyphoon on Apple iPhone 4

iTyphoon aqcuires its information from PAGASA, the official Philippine weather bureau. The app will give you weather updates for the next 2-5 days and the official Public Storm Signal Warnings.

Here are some screen shots from my iTouch 4G:

Updates from Typhoon "Mina" last August 27, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Reference Tab

The interface of the iTyphoon App was nicely made and very professional looking. Though the App is under development, I think that they will still add more features like push notifications on iOS devices and continue to improve the graphics and interface of the App. iTyphoon is Available in Apple and Android devices. And the best thing is, IT'S FREE AND IT'S PHILIPPINE MADE! so there is no reason not to try and download the App!
Visit their website to learn more about the iTyphoon App. Credits to Magno Edilberto Conag III, the main developer of this App and its hardworking team to provide us the most reliable and free typhoon updates app here in the Philippines. We are looking forward for more quality App from this developer.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How To: Customized your Blog Icon using Favicon

One of the things that can give a blog more of an identity and a brand is a logo that people will come to associate with the blog.In the same way we become used to seeing the logo of a blog also used as the favicon.

Favicons are an important part of how we see a blog and how we remember a blog.In a previous Blogger Tip i showed you how to add a favicon to blogs on Blogger but today Blogger have taken action and made it part of the options on your blogs design page.So from now on with just two clicks you can add a custom favicon to your blog.

What is a favicon ? A Favicon is the small image you see beside the address bar in your browser and depending on the browser you use it is also visible in the tab menu.If you look beside the address for this page at the top of your page you should see the same brush logo that is in the header.For more information here is a link to the wikipedia page on Favicons.

To see how to have a custom favicon on your blog check out the blogger in draft post here - Customize Your Favicon.

Thanks to: SpiceUpYourBlog

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black Pins in Internet Cafés

If you visit a cyber cafe and find find any black pin attached to your CPU as shown in the picture, kindly do not use that system. This pin is actually a connection which save all your data you enter in the system.
Thus it is a risk to your privacy over net. Risk to passwords, banking or any data you entered.

Its a hardware keylogger very powerful it records each and every action ur system.

Torrent: The Hangover Part II


Stu is getting married. Along with Doug, Phil, and his soon-to-be brother-in-law Teddy, he regretfully invites Alan to Thailand for the wedding. After a quiet night on the beach with a beer and toasting marshmallows by the camp fire, Stu, Alan and Phil wake up in a seedy apartment in Bangkok. Doug is back at the resort, but Teddy is missing, there's a monkey with a severed finger, Alan's head is shaved, Stu has a tattoo on his face, and they can't remember any of it. The wolf-pack retrace their steps through strip clubs, tattoo parlors and cocaine-dealing monkeys on the streets of Bangkok as they try and find Teddy before the wedding.

BluRay version will be released on December 8, 2011.

Watch the Hangover 2 Trailer

THE HANGOVER PART II - DVD Quality (1.66gb) by hail_alpha - DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Diablo III Download Client Leaked

Diablo III client has been leaked onto the internet finally. We’ve had a ton of stuff leaked over the past few days (screenshots, videos, game files, etc.), but now we have the actual download client as well. If you would like to download your copy of Diablo III, click here. In order to actually login and play the game, you’ll need a beta key tied to your account. So unless you have a beta key, the only purpose that downloading this will have is: A) You get to stare at the pretty login screen B) If you do get a beta key, you’ll be able to login instantly and start playing. The download is 100% safe and is hosted by a reputable company that handles downloads for a large majority of internet based companies.

Download Diablo III Beta Client Here.

Monday, October 31, 2011

WirelessKeyView - Recover Lost Wireless Network Key

WirelessKeyView recovers all wireless network keys (WEP/WPA) stored in your computer by the 'Wireless Zero Configuration' service of Windows XP or by the 'WLAN AutoConfig' service of Windows Vista. It allows you to easily save all keys to text/html/xml file, or copy a single key to the clipboard.

Works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Using WirelessKeyView

WirelessKeyView doesn't require any installation process or additional DLL files. Just copy the executable file (WirelessKeyView.exe) to any folder you like, and run it. After you run it, the main window should displayed all WEP/WPA keys stored in your computer by Windows 'Wireless Zero Configuration' service.
For WEP keys, the key is also displayed in Ascii form. Be aware that this utility can only reveal the network keys stored by Windows operating system. It cannot recover network keys stored by any other third-party

System Requirements

* Windows OS with SP1 or greater.
* You must login to windows with admin user.

Known Problems

False Alert Problems: Some Antivirus programs detect WirelessKeyView
utility as infected with Trojan/Virus. Click here to read more about
false alerts in Antivirus programs.

Also, if you have any problem with using WirelessKeyView, please read the
WirelessKeyView Frequently Asked Questions page

Download WirelessKeyView

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smart Money Goes ShopSpotting Promo: Looking for the best local online store

If you are a local online seller (on ebay, own website & etc.) and want an instant promotion of your online shop, then you are qualified to join "Smart Money Goes ShopSpotting Promo" plus the chance to win P50,000.

Smart Money's newly launched promo “Smart Money Goes ShopSpotting” searches for the best local online shop that uses Smart Money for transactions. P50,000 Cash will be rewarded to the winning local online seller, credited via Smart Money.

Plus starting October 12th, the official SMART Money ShopSpotter (former Cosmopolitan Philippines Fashion Editor and gadget, fashion and beauty junkie Katrina Dy) will blog about the promotion and her favorite participating stores, both on her blog and on the SMART Philippines Facebook fan page--which has over 1 million fans!

How to join?

1. Local online sellers must first register their online store at: They can only register from October 10 to October 25, 2011.

2. After the registration process, participants need to put the "Now Accepting Smart Money” badge on their online shops where potential buyers can spot it. They can download the badge from

3. Once they have added the badge on their online store, they are now qualified and get a chance to be "ShopSpotted". Additionally, by just joining, participating stores are automatically included in Smart Money's Online Shopping Directory.

4. Participants can also increases their chances of winning by accomplishing the most number of votes for their online shops. Voting process will start from October 26 to November 4, 2011.

At the end of the promo, the online shops will be judged according to the authenticity and legitimacy of the merchandise sold, the shops’ visual appeal online, and the total number of online votes.

The winning store owner will receive the grand prize of P50,000. The winner will be announced on November 9, 2011. The full amount will be presented to the winning online store owner via personalized Smart Money Card in the Smart Money event on November 12, 2011.

For more information, visit

Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S hits the gray market for Php 48,500

There’s no news yet on when Globe will be bringing out Apple’s iPhone 4S but if you can’t wait for it, Widget City is already selling the 16GB version for Php48,500. It’s quite a markup but what do you expect? It’s a hot commodity and it’s unlocked!

What we don’t know is if they already have it on hand or if they’re getting their stocks from Apple Singapore who’s already accepting pre-orders by the way. If it’s from Singapore then there’s a 1-2 weeks lead time so expect their units to be available in November. They are selling the iPhone 4S starting at SGD948 so that’s about Php33k.

If you really want the phone, call Widget City (09175423438) and see if the units are already available. Who knows? They might have a contact in Hong Kong where we first saw the unlocked grey units of the iPhone 4S. But if you can wait, pre-order in Singapore and have it shipped to a friend over there. Or see if you can enter your local shipping address.

UPDATE: We just confirmed that the units are already on stock (black/white) and they came from HK and unlocked.

Reblog from: PinoyTechBlog

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to: Enable Facebook Timeline Right Now

Last September 22, 2011 Facebook announced Timeline, a crazy (and kind of creepy) omnibus look at everything that has ever happened in your Facebook lifespan. It’s like a story book of your life — or at least the online, documented parts.

Facebook said that Timeline would be on the way for everyone sometime in the coming weeks… which is great and all, for everyone else. You’re the type of person who reads TechCrunch, and are thus likely the type of person who likes their new and shiny things right now.

That’s okay. We can make it happen.

Fortunately, enabling Timeline a bit early isn’t too difficult — but it’s not at all straight forward, either.

You see, Facebook is enabling Timeline early for open graph developers. You, too, can be an open graph developer — even if you’re just looking to dabble.

A few things to note:
  • You probably don’t want to do this unless you’re actually a developer. Expect bugs.
  • Only you will see your timeline at first (unless you decide otherwise), but it will automatically go public after a few days. My timeline was automatically hard-set to go public on September 29th.
  • It seems that if you login into Facebook on another machine, Timeline gets disabled automatically on all of your machines. With that said, it seems you can get back to your timeline (but ONLY after following the steps below) by navigating to
  • You’ll need to have a “verified” account for one of the steps, which means you need a credit card or phone number attached to the account.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Log into Facebook

2. Enable developer mode, if you haven’t already. To do this, type “developer” into the Facebook search box, click the first result (it should be an app made by Facebook with a few hundred thousand users), and add the app.

3. Jump into the developer app (if Facebook doesn’t put you there automatically, it should be in your left-hand tool bar)

4. Create a new app (don’t worry — you wont actually be submitting this for anyone else to see/use). Give your shiny new app any display name and namespace you see fit. Read through and agree to the Platform Privacy agreement. This is the step you need to be verified for.

5. Ensure you’re in your new app’s main settings screen. You should see your app’s name near the top of the page

6. Look for the “Open Graph” header, and click the “Get Started using open graph” link.
Create a test action for your app, like “read” a “book”, or “eat” a “sandwich”

7. This should drop you into an action type configuration page. Change a few of the default settings (I changed the past tense of “read” to “redd” — again, only you can see this unless you try and submit your application to the public directory), and click through all three pages of settings

8. Wait 2-3 minutes

9. Go back to your Facebook homescreen. An invite to try Timeline should be waiting at the top of the page
And you’re done! We’ve seen this work quite a few times now, so it should work without a hitch for just about anyone.

Source: TechCrunch

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