Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Facebook Scam: Woman Kills Pregnant Woman & Cuts the Baby from Her Dead Body

The link that entitled "Woman Kills Pregnant Woman & Cuts the Baby from Her Dead Body" is another scam that is spreading in Facebook. This site promises to click on the "I Agree" button and unlock to watch a video of a woman kiling a pregnant women.

But the truth is, there is no video at all. By the time you clicked on the "I Agree" button, it secretly shares the link to your Facebook wall so that your friends can also see the "scam message" and it will just link you to another fake website which ask you to complete a set of surveys. This clearly implies that the scammer's intention is to spread and spam the link to the social network.

The hacker's goal here is to virally spread it to Facebook so that they can generate traffics to their websites and earn money from the surveys that you have completed. If you have clicked that message, be sure to remove it in your Facebook wall and please do not share it or if you are concerened, please report it to Facebook Security. This will help others to be protected against these scams.

Please do not click suspicious link and please don't click on a link that lets you watch or unlock something in exchange of a completion of a survey. Please be aware that these websites you are visiting secretly downloads malwares that gathers useful information and send it back to the hackers for hacking.

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