Friday, October 21, 2011

Torrent: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)


It is 1942, America has entered World War II, and sickly but determined Steve Rogers is frustrated at being rejected yet again for military service. Everything changes when Dr. Erksine recruits him for the secret Project Rebirth. Proving his extraordinary courage, wits and conscience, Rogers undergoes the experiment and his weak body is suddenly enhanced into the maximum human potential. When Dr. Erksine is then immediately assassinated by an agent of Nazi Germany's head of its secret HYDRA research department, Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull, Rogers is left as a unique man who is initially misused as a propaganda mascot. However, when his comrades need him, Rogers goes on a successful adventure that truly makes him Captain America and his war against Schmidt begins.

Captain America 2011 Torrents:
You can download Captain America torrents below with different movie quality to choose from. BluRay HD 720p (2.73gb), 544p (1.77gb) and DVD Quality (809mb) provided each with a screenshots. The higher the movie size, the higher the quality.

CAPTAIN AMERICA - BluRay HD 720p (2.73gb) by HiTLeR - DOWNLOAD

CAPTAIN AMERICA - BluRay 544p (1.77gb) by RyDeR - DOWNLOAD

CAPTAIN AMERICA - DVD Quality (809mb) by hail_alpha - DOWNLOAD

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